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Document delivery? Moving? Everything will be easier with ngooyak BARANG (courier). Just choose the type of vehicles and we’ll deliver it to ypu with best services and friendly prices. Use ngooyak for every delivery you need. Available since April 2018!
Hungry? Feeling lazy? We are developing ngooyak MAKANAN, food delivery service. Simple, cheaper, and efficient with more feature bookings. Just choose your food, prices, and available stores, and we'll bring it to you. ngooyak MAKANAN will on service in July 2018!
We give Xtra Balance start from IDR 10.000 to UNLIMITED through our e-wallet (doompet) for USER and DRIVER (MITRA)*
*terms and Conditions applied
Anyone can register as a ngooyak user. * Get a daily benefit by using ngooyak for al your needs Sign up as a user and get balance started from 10 thousand IDR until unlimited * in your e wallett account (doompet) for FREE rides repeatedly. kesempatan ini.

* Read FAQs, terms and conditions
Are you looking for a job? or, do you need additonal income? Join with us as a MITRA and get income up to 9 Million IDR monthly*. Sign up yourself with any vehicle you have, i.e: car, motorcycle, Bajaj, Becak, Pick-up, Truck, etc. Contact our nearest AGENT to the latest information.

*read FAQ, Term and Condition
Do you want to have a small BUSINESS with AWESOME PROFIT? Join with us as an AGENT, and be a part of Digital Business with potential income more than 100 Million IDR monthly*. As a ngooyak AGENT, you will have a smart digital business, All of your business can monitored by smartphone. It is a time to change your business into Digital. Contact our nearest AGENT to the latest information.

*read FAQ, Term and Condition



  1. What is ngooyak?

    Ngooyak is an online application of transportation, food, tickets, health, and other services based on Android operating system and iOS to facilitate anyone getting their needs easily and quickly.

  2. Who can join with ngooyak and how?

    Anyone can join and take advantage from ngooyak application as Consumers, Drivers, and Partners as long as you have aged over 18 years and meet the applicable terms and conditions. For more details to join as a Consumer, Partner, or Agent, please read our FAQ.

  3. What is doompet?

    Doompet is a digital payment facility for easier consumers transaction. Through doompet, consumers get a special rate with discount up to 70% according to the terms and conditions applied.

For more information, please read FAQ at
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